Extras to Enhance Your Stay

The extras are the little treats that will allow you to fully enjoy your stay.

Intimate Picnic Lunch

Enjoy an Intimate Picnic Lunch on the Beach
Do you fancy a romantic walk on the beach, but find yourself away from town? But then you're hungry?

Do you just want to go for a long walk to enjoy the surrounding beauty of the beaches of Coronado? But you don;t want to spoil the mood by going into town to find a restaurat for lunch?

However you love to enjoy your time on the beach, we have lunch or dinner covered for you.

Tucked inside our generous picnic basket is a healthy, delicious sandwich wrap for two. We've also included our local Pananmanian yogurt, often paired with our fresh tropical fruit salad. You'll also enjoy locally made bread sticks, crisp sweet apples, and other snacks to complete your lunch. We've even included Panamanian beer or red wine for the perfect picnic--you get to choose!

Just so you know:
You must order your Picnic on the Beach at least 24 hours before your arrival.
Picnic On the Beach is only $35
Vegan options are available at no extra charge

Rise and Shine Early Bird Breakfast

Are you an early riser?
Do you love the morning serenity before the day begins for others? Do you have to get up with the birds to catch the first flight out?If your answer is "yes" to any --or all-of these, we have a special option for you.

To reserve your early breakfast, please let us know at the time of booking, along with any food allergies. We do understand that sometimes plans change. Based on availability, we will do our best to accommodate your requests when made as late as when you check in.

We now offer our Rise and Shine Early Bird Breakfast. For only $10 you can enjoy a healthy fulfilling breakfast first thing in the morning.


What a great way to start the week with a treatment in the Spa at El Litoral. Simply give yourself the gift of energy, to refresh and treat yourself good once in a while. If you don't, who will?

At the EL Litoral, in Coronado, we allow you to ask yourself what's important, and take the time to breathe in the fresh sea air.
Remember, to be able to take care of others you have to take care of yourself and it starts with our spa.

Remember, to be able to take care of others you have to take care of yourself and it starts with our spa.Take some times to renew, refresh and relax.
We offer you the following treatments:

Facials with Katren Slarr, $75
Body massages, Lidia $60


We teach yoga classes for all levels of experience. We are especially taking car of our seniors.
Come and try a class in the only outdoor studio in Coronado. Let your self feel alive again! Come to renew, refresh and relax.

To reserve your space, call us at 507 66581143, up to 24 hours in advance.

Our class schedule during the season is as follows:
Mondays, 9:00 am, Hatha Yoga Class For Beginners, $15 per class
Wednesdays, 9:00 am Vinyasa Yoga Class For Balance and Posture, $15 per class
Fridays, 9:00am, Flow Yoga $15 per Class.


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