About Us

Welcome to Panama

Hello, my name is Anne Marie Bergeron. Thank you very much for your time visiting our new website. This is a great place to stay and enjoy during your visit to EL Litoral in Coronado Panama.
Originally from Quebec in Canada, she has lived in Panama since she was 16 years old. She learned a lot about the region and tastefully based on all current knowledge of it.
After booking a tourist accommodation in the mountains of Canada, the experience remained etched in my memory. From there came the idea of retiring from the farm and it is an incredible job to do in Panama.
So that a woman can breathe with the unlimited energy that she loves. Coming from a very variable life path, the speed at which you move may be slow, you can rest and breathe...
At the end of this adventure, I created an outdoor yoga studio that will allow you to stay connected with nature during your vacation. As added benefits, we also contact our spa company, with additional treatments available for your particular needs.
For me, receiving people in my house is a great pleasure. Book a stay and you will be very busy. Coming to nearby EL Litoral is like staying at home. ​
Anne-Marie Bergeron

History of Coronado

In the early 20th century, the Eisenmann family traveled to Coronado, Panama to spend their free time. The 1,500 acres located within a 50-mile radius of the city. At that time the route was very long, with no accessible routes.

Father Eisenmann decided to build and demolish a property, but at the meeting he considered it a vague idea. After his death, his father Bobby came to honor his father's death.
In 1972 the first condominium was built. Today there are more than 10 condominiums, 2,000 residents, a Coronado Golf and Beach Resort hotel, a golf course, an equestrian club, a beach club, a fully commercial area with supermarkets, banks, restaurants, shops and businesses. Coronado continues to grow every year, to the point that it is considered the Pacific beach capital of Panama.

Frequently asked questions

Do you allow children?

Only for adulte thank you.

Do we have a kitchen?

No, only reservations that are general (20 days or more). If you want a access to a  indoor cuisine, it will be possible to pay a fee for it $

Authorize the group parties in the pool?

No, to maintain a sereine and tranquil atmosphere, nous n'autorisons pas les fêtes dans la piscine.

Do you allow pets?

No, in order to maintain a calm and peaceful environment for our clients, we do not accept any type of animals. Our lives encore the situations in our lives, a child Scotty and a child Nina.

Can we smoke on site?

No, our clients don't smoke in Panama in public spaces.