Picnic at the Beach

Enjoy an Intimate Picnic Lunch on the Beach

Do you fancy a romantic walk on the beach, but find yourself away from town? But then you're hungry?

Do you just want to go for a long walk to enjoy the surrounding beauty of the beaches of Coronado? But you don;t want to spoil the mood by going into town to find a restaurat for lunch?

However you love to enjoy your time on the beach, we have lunch or dinner covered for you.

Tucked inside our generous picnic basket is a healthy, delicious sandwich wrap for two. We've also included our local Pananmanian yogurt, often paired with our fresh tropical fruit salad. You'll also enjoy locally made bread sticks, crisp sweet apples, and other snacks to complete your lunch. We've even included Panamanian beer or red wine for the perfect picnic--you get to choose!

Just so you know:

  • You must order your Picnic on the Beach at least 24 hours before your arrival.
  • Picnic On the Beach is only $35
  • Vegan options are availabe at no extra charge


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